Earth Tones - Handmade embroidery hoop art
Earth Tones - Handmade embroidery hoop art

Last Meridian

Earth Tones - Handmade embroidery hoop art

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In this piece flow and simplicity connect to the natural imperfections that come with the handmade work.

Each piece will always be unique and vibrant...a stream of vibrant lines. Much like what we call in literature a "stream of consciousness": a narrative mode that seeks to describe the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which flow through the mind. 

>>> All of my embroideries are one of a kind & 100% handmade from start to finish with carefully chosen cotton flosses and fabric.

>> Stretched and secured in a wooden hoop, each piece is ready to be hung or displayed out of the package!

> I embroider each piece by hand, which means no matter how hard I work on something, it will never look like machine embroidery. Please keep this in mind while placing an order.